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The Range Rover classic is a 4×4 luxury series built by Land Rover. The production of the classic began in 1970 and ended in 1996.

It was only available in a 2 door body style until 1981. After which, the 4 door became available and the 2 door continued to run until 1994.

This was the first generation of vehicle produced under the name of Range Rover. This is where it all began.

Land Rover was actually only intended to be a post-war stopgap. It was launched in 1948. The 4×4 vehicles it produced were a far cry from the semi-luxury cars that that the Rover Company were producing before the war.

The Land Rover had been designed to be cheap, simple to manufacture and suitable for rough terrain. This cheap and simple manufacturing technique meant that they were also cheap and simple to fix.

The Land Rover series from the Rover Company took the world by storm. In just 2 years of production, they were selling faster than the cars they produced before the war.

The Range Rover was perhaps the Rover Company going back to their roots slightly. Designing and building a car that has all of the abilities of the Land Rover series but with the comfort of their pre-war cars.

This move proved popular with the masses and the Range Rover model of the Land Rover series made a name for itself.

Range Rover classic were succeeded by the P38A but the classic models are a huge fan favourite. They a true engineering accomplishment and will forever be remembered as the Rover that broke away and did it on its own.