Posted by: Admin Tags: About the Range Rover Posted date: 11-05-2016


The Range Rover is a very well-known 4×4 SUV and it’s perfect for luxury buyers. It has a great image and offer a reliable and durable driving performance.

The Range Rover is definitely a vehicle for someone wants to enjoy luxury off road motoring. It has a powerful engine and comes in various models. Given a lot of technology with the score. You get adjustable driving modes, which is ideal if you drive over different terrains. The interior is made for high-quality material, similar to those found in Mercedes S-Class.

You also get a completely leather lined interior. Along with satnav, surround sound and parking assist, you will many gadgets to enjoy. In terms of engine, you have the option of the 5 L supercharged V8 petrol engine. You can also choose the Range Rover Sport, which comes with a pretty impressive set of features on its own.

All Range Rover models come with an eight speed automatic transmission. It also comes with four-wheel drive. As for the design, you can choose between the Sport and Evoque versions. While the Sport offers slightly more power, the Evoque is one of the most stylish SUV is available.

Range Rover vehicles are no for its amazing value. They offer the perfect balance between a powerful off road vehicle and a stylish SUV. Then of course there is the powerful towing abilities. And this is perfect for driving off-road.

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