Posted by: Admin Tags: Range Rover Sport Posted date: 20-05-2016


With the Range Rover being such a popular SUV, the Sport version has even more to offer. Let’s take a closer look at it features and benefits.

The Range Rover Sport offers great performance abilities and excellent road handling. It is a genuine support, but still has all the luxuries of modern SUV. The interior has beautiful features and quite spacious. You will have five or very comfortable seven seat option available.

The brand-new model is also much more reliable than previous ones. It has an improved fuel economy as well as reduced emissions. This makes its overall running costs significantly less. Although the Range Rover Sport may be a bit pricey to buy, it definitely lives up to the hype. It gets a five-star rating for most reviews and the vehicle happily gets recommended.

The Sport has been one of Range Rover’s most successful vehicles ever. If slightly smaller than the original, but a bit more powerful. It also has a sporty look at this is very appealing among buyers. It is billed completely from aluminum, making significantly lighter than other options. It also has an improved chassis and comes with a five door body style. You have an optional row of seats at the back, converting this to a very comfortable seven seat interior.

You will get a 3 L turbo diesel V-6 engine. There is also an option to upgrade to the 4.4 L V-8 turbodiesel. However, most serious buyers will opt for the 5 L V8 supercharged petrol engine. This truly lives up to its name and provides true sporting power on every terrain.