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Are you looking to restore a classic Range Rover? Our Range Rover restoration specialists offer a premium service in the UK.  Have your classic Range Rover restored to its original condition.

The 1970 Range Rover is a classic vehicle that is collected and restored by many classic vehicle enthusiasts. At Churchill Land Rover, we offer experienced Range Rover restorations for your classic land rover series vehicle by our specialists’ team.


At Churchill Land Rover, our body shop and refurbishment team will be completely transparent with the work required. If we examine your vehicle and feel like it will cost you £25K to do a full body-off restoration, that is the exact figure you will get from us. We do not give underestimates to lure you into work then increase it while on the job. To enquire about any costs pertaining to your Range Rover restoration, you can call our office at 01527 821 440 or fill our contact form on our website. 

Only a small number of 1970 Range Rovers are still intact and maintain their perfect and original shape from before. However, many vehicles can be refurbished, brought back to life, and see the vehicles former glory again. It will be as good as new with the refurbishment, and you can drive it for many years to come with any specifications stated beforehand if possible. 

The age and the present condition doesn’t matter. Any Range Rover can be restored and look brand new. What you need to consider first is if financially, it is a good idea.

We have been in this industry for a long time, and our experts can advise you on the best way forward. We are aware that every model and brand has its points of weakness. With a slight look at some car models, we know if it needs updates, replacements and remodelling of a few things here and there.

We aren’t trying to deter you from the idea. We want to give authentic information about what is possible. When you look through the magazines-the classifieds section, there are many uncompleted projects. They are up for sale because the cost of completion was way higher than expected by the owner.


Here at [company_name}, we have a series of services to offer for the Range Rover Classic restoration. It ranges from servicing to restoration and original rebuilds. After the body shell structure has been examined and welded and confirmed to be perfect, our restorations remove the Range Rover chassis body.

Our professional technicians are responsible for building reborn Range Rover as part of the full restorations. The bodyshell of a rust-free Range Rover is what we take and remove all the misfits, and all this is done by hand.

The axles and chassis are prepared in the same way before the new braking, drive suspension and motive parts are fitted. Each item is either replaced or refurbished. On completion, refitting the bodyshell is done, and we begin building the car with well-levelled body panels, rust free doors, a heated windscreen and a refurbished wiring loom. It later is completed to your preference and undergoes at least 500 miles on-road test.


After everything is done to perfection, sealing and protecting the seams of the bodyshell follows. Rubberising the wheel arches are done for soundproofing and protection, and before painting, it is painted an acid-etched primer. The bodyshell is fully painted in high standards, incomparable to what is done in the factory.


If you would like more information, you can discuss this with one of our teams by calling Churchill Land Rover. You can also fill out the contact form on our website as an alternative if you want. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and provide the best support we can.