Posted by: Admin Tags: Range Rover Evoque Posted date: 05-05-2016


The Range Rover Evoque is definitely among the most famous range Rovers ever designed. For some it may be a fashion statement, but it is still very well-designed.

The Range Rover Evoque is definitely a style statement. Designed by Victoria Beckham, it definitely has a unique shape and a very popular one too. She also assisted with some of the interior features, but it still remains a range Rover at heart. You can choose between a three door and five door option.

The Range Rover Evoque can handle the road very well. It performs very well on windy roads and still perform very well off-road. If you go for the diesel option. You can choose between a 150 bhp and 190 bhp version. It offers a 2.2 L engine for you to enjoy. The thing you can also get turbocharged petrol version that can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds.

The interior is very classy stylish. You have a great view of the front and the rear space is slightly bigger than it first appears. You can have your back seats either as a bench type seat or as a sculpted period. You can also choose bucket from seating either red or black leather.

When it comes to buying a range Rover Evoque, it depends on the luxuries you want to add. If you’re prepared to pay a bit extra, you can include other features too. This can include surround view parking and dual view screens for passengers.