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The Discovery needs absolutely no introduction. The Sport version comes with a few great extras though. Let’s take a closer look at this popular vehicle.

The Discovery Sport is seen as a great replacement for the Freelander. It has a brand-new suspension and offers a very comfortable seven seats in the interior. This is a great selling point and along with this goes the stylish body design.

You can get the Discovery Sport in 2.2 L SD4 engine. A newer version was launched in 2015 with the same engine that the Jaguar XE uses. The engine is fairly economical but attention should be given to the emissions. However, driving is very smooth and enjoyable. It performs very well in all terrains and is quite powerful too.

The interior is very comfortable and stylish. It has enough space for luggage and storage, with usually groom. The middle row is also quite enjoyable. You can even fold the back seats down and get up to 690 L of boot space. The entire interior feels very solid and reliable. This is definitely by far more practical in previous versions.

In terms of economy, you will get about 57 mpg. You will have average running costs with this model, but you will enjoy love luxury. You will get cruise control, Bluetooth, heated seats, surround sound and satnav. This makes the Discovery Sport a very popular SUV option for most drivers.

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